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Bill Hein

Fargo, North Dakota
Father, RPGamer, political junkie, foodie, woodworker, movie junkie - so many interests, so little time. I love my friends and family. My clan has scattered to the winds, but they're always home in my heart. And anywhere I go, somebody's a phone call away to cover my back. And I'm always no farther away for them. I like to keep a nice apartment; I love a brisk walk; I dress for myself; I seem to need cats to stay mentally healthy - I'm currently serving Digger and Precious (Never forget: Dogs have owners, Cats have staff). I read and surf the web a lot. I like to debate political events like other guys like to debate fantasy football. I still game. A lot. Wish I'd figured out a way to make that pay. I'm a pretty good cook. I like being a dad. Anything else you wanna know? Ask.