CONvergence 2018 has ended
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Minneapolis, Minnesota
I'm a science and skepticism nerd. I write at an atheist blog network called FreethoughtBlogs. I like scifi and fantasy novels, movies and nerd/geek culture. In 2015 I'm super excited to be participating in four panels, including a panel on The Handmaid's Tale - one of my favorite/most horrifying dystopias.

I'll be hanging out in the Skepchick and Science track, and the FreethoughtBlogs party room. I'm looking forward to Judging A Book By It's Cover, Vilification Tennis, Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long, the Dregs, sneaking off to Cinema Rex for some downtime, the costumes, seeing all of my geeky/nerdy/CON friends, and not getting nearly enough sleep. Okay, everything except that last one. But sleep is an evil CON-time stealing necessity.