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Dorianne McCreary Jarchow

Doo's Wingalings
Head Wingaling Maker and Chief
Andover, Minnesota
Things I love: My family, my friends, my sexy yarn wizard man, the smell of rain, puppets of any kind, costumes, Indian food, crocheting, Wingalings, beards, sleeping, going back to sleep, cuddling, spooning, weird looking plants, sparking fruit-flavored water, regular water, Firefly, a good fantasy book, dark chocolate, scarves, octopods, candles, good music, the philosophies of Buddhism, nerd conventions, public radio, board games, good conversation, peanut butter jelly time, devil's food chocolate donuts, red hair, Calvin and Hobbes, and cheese.

Dislikes: Split ends, bullying, diamonds, pop music, raw tomatoes, mushrooms, cilantro in excess, bottled water, pain, hatred, ignorance, self-righteous acts, the judgement and condemning of others, the negative stigma surrounding mental illness, birds in cages, sleeping on the ground, misplacing my phone (AGAIN) and house centipedes.

I'm the greatest Dorianne ever. Just ask my mom. :-)