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Tyler Tork

Agency for the Placement of Undesirable Persons
Director of Particularity
Minneapolis, Minnesota
The victim of a dark destiny, Tork whirls through life with a set of shaky assumptions and a mug of rapidly-cooling java. Most recent publications are the novel Doctor Dead (available from Amazon.com) and "The Cowrie," a short story available as a stand-alone ebook on Amazon, BN and Smashwords.
Though slightly incredulous at the incredible tide of nonsense in which we wallow daily, Tork is hopeful that people will eventually become reasonable.
Someday, his alien masters will return for him; meanwhile, Tork polishes his irony skills and sustains himself on squirrels, carrots, and coffee.
EDIT: The author has been noticing a few cute little red squirrels moving into the area, but they are quick and he hasn't caught one yet.